Accompanying transformations and minimizing risks – these are our main tasks in addition to conventional project management.

Accompanying transformations

Especially the surrounding field of M&A projects, important employees and executive managers fail prevalently and suddenly. New functions are becoming or positions are only temporarily. Times of transformation bring along increased uncertainty and in either case numerous and urgent managerial-functions, which are needed. We support you in the field of change management, no matter, if the question is special functions within the scope of interim management, or the acquisition of project manager tasks or accompanying process analysis.

Minimizing risks

Our integrative approach of risk management combines procedures and processes on strategic levels (Corporate Foresight) with conventional and qualitative risk management. A characteristic and functional risk, is the non observance of regulations and directives, for example compliance test processes. By our experience, we have developed a tool for a focussed compliance check: ProGuide. Therefore compliance test processes are transparent, more rapid and standardized.

Efficiently lead projects to success

Good project management? We are capable, not only in theory. As every good project manager, our well skilled consultants always have in mind the interaction of organizational, methodical and interpersonal aspects – as well as their objectives. No matter if concerning the implementation of CRM-systems, other ITK-projects or classic projects.

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