Project Management

A successfully implemented project and therefore a good project management is characterized by a solid project organization, project structure, realistic schedules and project budgets, compliance and excellent communication on progress and performance levels. This foundation we use in our areas of responsibility in each project with a 100% success rate so far.

Our project managers are certified according to international standards and proved their competence in numerous projects in the areas of process analysis, process consulting, business intelligence, sales and marketing support.

Examples of successful projects

As part of a corporate acquisition, we defined processes and portfolio of the target state of a future “Enabling Functions” organization and migrated both areas into the target organization.

We defined new processes and created contractual, cooperative and technical framework for order and delivery processes of marketing materials as a fully automated system. The Implementation we supported as implementation project team.

Due to the need of a consolidated reporting system, we defined as part of a reporting project all necessary KPI depending on their representability and availability of data from source or satellite systems. We implemented the DW-end, defined and implemented the needed interfaces and were responsible for the design and content and usability of this business intelligence solution.

We separated business units organizationally and systemically, arranged Enabling Function accordingly, introduced new allocation keys and supported the representation of the new business unit in terms of personnel and financials.

The objective of this project was to restructure in a corporate environment the operational planning and budgeting process across all units and to organize in a way that complexity could be reduced and therefore for the entire and complete planning time frames can be kept.

The objective of this successful project was to disentangle financally a business unit for sale.

As part of a corporate merger members of our organization led an entire marketing support team as well as a team of responsible for IT applications.

The effectiveness of processes in the company is highly impacted by processing speed. A process optimization such as exchanging data between HR systems and CRM systems contributed significantly to the reduction of complexity, increased transparency and faster implementation according to organizational changes.

Today shifts of support areas to near-shore or off-shore is not atypical. We defined a target scenario according to target processes and procedures, planned the entire project and migrated the internal activities to an offshore partner.

As part of a centralization of services which was part of a major organizational change, we defined according to actual/target comparison new and changed processes and led these changes as a project management group.

We developed a decision matrix based on market presence, strength, support model and functional criteria and initiated by joint weighting decisions with our customers, the selection of the best solution to cover their CRM needs. During the introduction we defined the necessary change management measures and accompanied the technical implementation.

While changing processes, it is always important to bring the involved people close to changed processes and procedures. It always has been a concern to make these changes “acceptable” to people. This, for example, can happen through individual training. Especially in times of processual and technical changes we have accompanied these processes through training multiple times.

We defined through market research and analytical mechanisms relevant customer groups and following the operational action plan for the implementation of the planning results.

One of our core competences: we analyze, depending on potential competitor situation, market access and its own strength, the actual situation and define the strength, shape, distribution and Practices for pharmaceutical sales forces according to target definitions.

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