Comprehensive expertise

Through long-lasting collaborations with our customers we have 1 hour advance loans achieved a profound understanding in the fields of the pharmaceutical-, chemical-, energy- and automotive industry, to configure the context, settings and movements, to our customers benefit. To evaluate the vitality of project context accurately, it is the basic requirement for successful projects.

Pharmaceutical industry

Active movements and challenges are conditioned by

As a result of these progresses, we have, together with our customers, e.g.

* and incorporated our knowledge in developing ProGuide – an innovative intersectoral applicable tool for process oriented compliance-testing.

Chemical industry

Dominating topics are for e.g.

We have been active in the fields, crafting a strategy, demerger activities or outsourcing projects in fields services and logistics.

Energy sector

The driver units for the radical change of the energy sectors are, e.g.

In this environment it counts even more to occupy long-term effective added value stages. We are well versed in attending of M&A processes, standardization of IT system environments and implementation of outsourcing projects.

Automotive industry

For the automotive industry there are distinct strategies and the efficient organization of the collaboration between manufacturer and subcontractor, only two factors of success. We assist our customers in global contests within the fields business process optimization and production planning (including conversion of ERP-systems). Aside we are working in fields of meetings and events and adapt compliance-processes.